This video will teach you the basics of SEO, and provides many suggestions for how you can improve the ranking of your Facebook Page in search engines. It is a little long, but if you want to learn about SEO, certainly worth your time.

The video was created by a company in the UK called Distilled. For More Info Click on the Link Below.

How To Do SEO For Facebook Pages



  1. Social media sites are ruling the internet today and being active in these sites will surely give websites more exposure. However, it's not as simple as many people believe. Many people make the mistake of doing social media marketing without a plan in hand that is why they don't get the results they were expecting.

  2. Most of the people who contact me are just looking for random likes for their pages, but they never even think about the title of their page and the exact match search volume of that phrase. It's hard to explain to them when they have thousands of likes that they have to start over with a new page. 

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