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How To Do Keyword Research For Your PPC Campaigns

The problem with using the free tools is that your competition is probably using them as well. In order to get a “leg up” you need to go one step further than that.

The process becomes much easier and more effective when you decide to perform your PPC keyword research with a “paid” tool and the one that I have had the most luck with is called “Keywords Analyzer”. Keywords Analyzer has been available for over three years now, with updates being made on a regular basis by its developers, Chris Lee and Goran Nagy.

In addition to generating massive keyword lists, Keywords Analyzer can be setup to display the number of ads that are shown for each keyword in both AdWords and in the Yahoo PPC network. It also displays the number of competing ads on AdWords and Yahoo, the maximum bid prices and much more. Keywords Analyzer makes your PPC keyword research much easier and more effective.

Because AdWords changes its algorithms so often, software applications must be updated on a regular basis to remain functional with the new changes and that is one area where Keywords Analyzer shines. The developers work hard at staying on top of their application, releasing updates whenever necessary to keep up with Google’s changes.

After you have generated your initial keyword list using the PPC keyword research tool of your choice, your keywords will need to be grouped into smaller lists. When advertising in AdWords or any other PPC program, the key to remember is “relevance”. Showing an ad designed for “Adwords software” to someone who has clicked on the keyword phrase “Adwords eBook reviews” is probably not the best strategy. You need to do more than your initial PPC keyword research.

Instead, arrange your keywords into groups that have at least one word in common. In the previous example, it would make sense to have all keyword phrases relating to “Adwords eBooks” in a separate Ad Group from those relating to “Adwords software”. This enables you to then create separate ads more closely targeting whatever it is your viewer is searching for. This will result in a higher CTR for your campaign and should result in a higher sales conversion rate as well.

PPC marketing is an art composed of many pieces besides PPC keyword research that are all woven together. All aspects of your Pay-Per-Click efforts need to be working together and one of the most critical ones is your PPC keyword research. Learning to do PPC keyword research more effectively will be reflected in an increase in your profitability.