This video tells you how you can become a Google AdWords Certified Professional.

The process is quite easy. Google used to charge $50 for the adwords exam but now it is completely free. Anyone can go for the exam and get a Google AdWords certification.

You can get Google adwords certified as an individual and you need not be a part of an agency or a company.

To get started with this process, login into your Google account and visit

Click on the Get Certified link or visit

You will be presented with options to either take the adwords exam or the analytics exam.

Inside you will find options to attend three exams: AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising and Display Advertising.

You have to pass at least two of these exams to become a Google Adwords Certified Professional. You can also do the other exams and showcase your expertise on your profile.

If you are looking for a job in the digital marketing field, these exams are extremely valuable in terms of learning and certification.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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  1. I am interested in becoming a professional, where do I study for the exam? and what happens after I pass, how I find clients to promote their businesses through adwords?
    I have no clue about where to start and how I will be earning revenue.


  2. Hey thanx Deepak.I'm a software tester since 3years.Thinking to switch to digital marketing but m worried whether that would b a risk coz I would be a complete fresher in that field.What do u think how would a tester experience justify in digital marketing n what skillset should I look for in order to attain digital marketing manager?

  3. Hello, Deepak can you give me the list of all certifications by google ? and its relevance with the job market .Do mention about the list of free certification related to Digital Marketing .
    Thanks in advance

  4. Hi Deepak
    I have cleared three Exams of Google for the certification but still certificate not received and from last three days, it is showing that result will appear within 48 hours.

    Pls, suggest !

    Further, I can share the screenshot as well if required for your reference.

    Thanks in Advance!

  5. Hello I passed the Adware fundamentals exam+ Video advertising. But I received certification for these individual exams . How do I get a Adware certified professional certification I hear about. Do I qualify for the professional cert with these 2 exams? Thx