Hi. My name is Tony Guo. I own several startups in Humble Texas. I live in one of the poorest towns in America. But I get by with hard work and determination and Startup Grit. Follow me on my Startup Life.

I’m an entrepreneur and CEO of RunRex, a web consulting firm. I graduated NYU with honors and a biology degree. I passed the Patent Bar exam when I was 21. I graduated William and Mary Law School and passed the New York Bar Exam. But my love is digital marketing.

I own 6 companies :
https://guttulus.com/ – Personal Blog.
http://bitgale.com/ – Photography.
http://ppchire.com/ – PPC.
http://pandapatent.com/ – Patent.
http://mtglion.com/ – Magic the Gathering.
http://runrex.com/ – Marketing.

You can also find me on linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/tyguo

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!



  1. Hey man, I know you aren't getting a tonne of views but just know that what you are doing has value to me. Your advice and experience is a big help for where I am currently!

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