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  1. Volusion is the worst I ever used!!!! It seems nice on their website but all of it is not real.

    1.their functions are really confused to use and many errors that their can't fix it even you will try to inform them. Moreover, if you want to upgrade the function upgrading also error, you have to wait for them sending you the link for upgrade and payment. This is the top ecommerce website?

    2. They said they will support you 24 hrs. But actully they will have someone answer you back only office hour. And most of them are not well trained, them answer with stupid answer for example, I ask them to fixing the error on my back office. They reply with thank you and they need my permission to do that????? I ask them why they still need my answer for permission when I asked for your help to fix it???

    I asked them to help 2 things on the back office and both of it takes about 2 days to talk and understanding….not include fixing!!!!!!

    I can't wait for their support so I asked for the refuding, one of the support team said they will do the refund for me but after that the another one said it cannot be refunded and ther just delete my account from their system.

    So if you want to use this Volusion please think again and again. They really bad both functions and support. It's not real as they said. Hope you will not be victim of them like me.