So you have a well-designed network marketing business website as well as a blog. The question is, is your website generating enough leads? If not, you probably haven’t optimized your network marketing website for search engines with link building. Links play a very important role in getting your website ranked among the top on search engines results pages. There are basically three different types of links – one way incoming links, mutual or reciprocal links and three way links. Implementing certain strategies in your network marketing website can significantly boost your optimization efforts thereby helping you improve your online visibility. Let us take a closer look at how link building helps SEO rankings.

Link Building for SEO: How it Helps

Here is how it helps boost search engine optimization –

  • Faster Indexing – It will be quite hard for your website to be indexed on major search engines like Google or Yahoo without building links. In fact, it may take as much as six months to get indexed by Google without it. With link building, search engines can index your website in a short period of time, sometimes within 24 hours, especially when the links come from old well established websites which rank high on search engine results pages. Link building will help index your website higher up on search engines for the relevant keywords. This will finally lead to more traffic coming to your website.
  • Increased Exposure – Increasing backlinks will result in increased exposure on the web, as visitors to your link partner’s websites will also turn up on your website. This increased exposure will give your website higher authority, which in turn helps your website get a higher rank as compared to other websites in the same niche as yours.
  • Greater Value – Link building rapidly increases the value of your website, as websites with more backlinks are valued higher on the results pages. This further helps increase the chances of others linking their website to yours without you even trying to initiate link exchange.

Link Building undeniably plays a crucial role in search engine optimization. However, it is important to note that for link building to be fruitful, you must facilitate quality links on your site. This is because all major search engines have the ability to identify poor/spam links from de-indexed websites. Remember, if your website is found guilty of this, you may have to pay a penalty or your site may be black listed altogether.

Source by Eric N Goldman