How Google My Business Works for local business rankings

Today most small business owners don’t know how to make Google my business work for their business. This video tutorial session first introduces the viewer to the overall uses of Google My Business and how it can be used with Google Adwords Ad Extensions such as Local Extensions, Review Extensions Call Extensions and how Google Maps is used with Local Business Pages from Google+ My Business.

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To learn more about how to do search engine optimization for local businesses watch this video on Local SEO

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  1. How many suburbs would you recommend we target before it appears too spammy to Google? For example, I am working with a few New York City businesses, and trying to get into the 3-pack. Should I go after every single neighborhood in New York City, for example, Greenwich Village, East Village etc? Or should I target the individual burroughs? Is 12 a safe number of "suburbs" to target or have you succeeded in targeting even more?

  2. Hi Rankya great insights as usual. I do have a google places listing for a business i have, and i think i did a great job already after examine my work. Thanks for a great lesson. You save me a lot of time again and a waste of money on guru stuff hahahaha. I am also using your plugin for the schema markup, i like it! Have a blessed day.

  3. I always thought it was better to have a google my business page set up accurately; address, hours of operation etc, and even if it is not tended to, it would still be a benefit because it ties to google maps and the whole google thing. But you said otherwise. Am I wrong here, better to delete an inactive but accurate page?

  4. HELP! My business shares a building with another competitor (both massage threapists). Their business ranks in Google Maps and mine doesn't( I have a suite added to my address already). What's funny is if I type in massage – go to the results and manaually move the map it refreshes to include my listing?! WTF?! Please help, if you can. Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi RankYa,

    Can you advise me, please

    My question;

    If Guy A sets up a normal Gmail account verify's his Google MY Business page uses his Gmail account for only personal use. BUT now the guy wants to employ his staff to manage some Google apps within the account BUT hide his personal email.

    Is this possible??

    Thanks for taken the time to read this question and I thank you in advance for your answer.

    Simon King

  6. Ok I have 2 accounts 1 personal and 1 business , with the personal i created my wife's business in google veryfied and everythink ok . I want to start add business that are not in google my business and I want to know the process . I go to and I see the 2 accounts that I have create and in my personal I see 1 location (my wife's) and in the other wcich is also with the same name panagiotis pagakis add location when I click there it opens Import Locations and at the bottom I see the option Add a single location Ok ? when I push the button it open the form thta I used in my wife's verification process ok? from there I add my clients location First question , and second question if the client has already verify his business in google and I want as in video to take the rights in order to make it better I proceed also with the same form and at a point will ask me about who are you asking for the rights ? from the same form that I opened from business account add a single location etc etc ? Is it bad that I have a personal and a business with my name ? THANK YOU

  7. well i have a small company related to umbrella(tents) , and when i search my company name on google it appears it's Ok, but i want whenever anyone search on google in other languages it should be appear as well like in Arabic if anyone type (مظلات) means Tents , my company name should be Appear on google, so what should i do Sir ? help me please

  8. is it possible someone already created GMB for your business and then you cant add it anymore. how does that work? how could Google verify if you're the owner or someone authorized to do the GMB for company's SEO stuff?
    thank u for this video. it is helpful