Many SEO experts don’t understand the importance of header tags (the H1, H2 tags) that make text big and bold. (For more free stuff go to In this video, Jason McDonald discusses what header tags are, why they are important for search engine optimization, and how to optimize them as an SEO best practice technique.



  1. grate video i have made my own website and this is the first video i have seen in about 3weeks that makes any sense, that you for explaining what the headers mean and how to read the page source on other websites. thumbs up from me.

  2. This is very useful information not people can get often. People should also see how beneficial header tags can be. Before beginners start optimizing their site though, they should focus on quality content first because other focus too much on SEO forgetting to pay attention if their site is can be useful to people.

  3. Thank a lot for clear explainig. I have one question. if I use h1 and h2 for one page. for the next page like Contact can i use same h1 h2 but with another argoment? or i must h3 h4 writing? because i dont know why my homepage is not in the Search maschine of google? thanks for one answer