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My name is Jason Majoue in this video I am going to talk to you all about Google AdWords Youtube PPC for Video Ads in this Tutorial Part 1
This tutorial explains the first steps of how to setup a youtube PPC (Pay Per Click) Trueview campaign.

In this video, we show you how to connect it to your youtube channel, select important parts of the campaign to market to your target audience.

You will also learn in this video about the budget, schedule, and how having a PPC video ad campaign will help you on your journey toward helping get leads, sales, views, subscribers and more.

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This video is: Google AdWords Youtube PPC Video Ads Tutorial Part 1



  1. Kay ChinnThis is a wonderful start with a lot of information in here. Would like to see a little more about ppc if there is some sort of lead capturing or generation  follow up also little more about focus on your target niche to get maximum results. I have done a little bit of ad words before on different projects, but I am limiting my experience. So I would be interested in the above topics to further my knowledge base so that I can be more effective in these areas.