Google AdWords – Tips & Tricks
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Brought to you by Derek Hayward from We Promote (digital, online and mobile advertising agency).

Derek shares three important tips for people using Google AdWords. While AdWords is easy to start, it’s hard to master.

This short video explains different things you can do with Google AdWords to be more efficient, productive and how to spend you money more wisely.


Hi I am Derek from We Promote and I am here to tell you about Google AdWords and my top three tips.

There are a couple of things that are really important to understand with AdWords and the first up I am going to take you through three of them today.

The first thing to remember is that Google AdWords is set up to make Google money. So the default settings in Google AdWords are always going to be geared towards google making extra money. Now call me a cynic but it is just like a poker machine in a casino. The house always wins so you have got to make sure that you go in there and do the best you can with Google AdWords, to ensure you are fulfilling your requirements, and that of your clients.

Make sure you don’t use the default settings in Google AdWords. Now if you’ve been assigned a Google account manager, they will no doubt be very helpful to you. But remember they work for Google and guess who pays them? Google pays them and they probably get a bonus when their customers spend a certain amount. So that’s my first Google Adwords tip. It is a bit of cynical view but it is actually true.

The second Google Adwords tip is to do your KEYWORD RESEARCH. It is very important. I have seen so many clients spend a lot of money on keywords that might drive traffic towards their website but don’t actually convert into sales.

There are plenty of ways to check out how your keywords are performing within AdWords. You can go in Adwords and use things like AUCTION INSIGHTS which actually tells you who else is bidding on those key words and KEY PHRASES. If you look through the list and see none of your competitors, you can be pretty sure that there is a reason for that and they are not actually converting into sales.
So you probably shouldn’t be bidding on those keywords either. Another thing – make sure that your NEGATIVE KEYWORD LIST is up to date and you actually have one in place and because you might be bidding on a lot of KEY TERMS that are related to what you have for sale.

For example if you are a car hire place and you are hiring out cars to the general public. Make sure that you have “buying” in there as an negative so you don’t want people coming to your website looking to buy cars, or you paying for clicks to your website that are never going to convert. If they are looking to buy a car and not hire, then don’t pay for the traffic. It’s common sense but a lot of people don’t do it.

The third top tip for today for Google AdWords is that CONVERSIONS are definitely better than IMPRESSIONS. I say that because there are a lot of key terms out there that you could use to drive traffic to your website but what is the use in doing that if the people that are arriving at your website don’t actually want what you have to offer? You will end up PAYING FOR CLICKS that aren’t really going to get you any new business.

It’s OK if the traffic is arriving from organically produced results from SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION but not when you pay for it.
So if you end up with a less traffic flow to your website but the traffic that actually goes there converts to a sale, that’s a much better place to be in.

Thanks for your time today. These are my top three tips there. So I hope to wish you all the best with AdWords and if you need help you can reach us at