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In this Google AdWords Shopify Tutorial I will show you the basics of Google AdWords.

This is the first part of a series about Google AdWords.
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  1. Hey bro! I am the guy who tried to contact you, I saw that you replied but I couldn't find the comment due to the great amount of comments that the other video has! Sorry for repeating this but how can I contact you?

  2. This is insane ! with 20 Euros you get in Facebook 100k views ! You want to tell me that from 100K I will not get 40 clicks? of course I will. ( yes they didn't have initial interest to buy but still).
    How is google afford to stay so expensive ?

  3. Hey! Thaks for this video, it was really helpful 🙂 When I tried to log onto Adwords it did not bring me to the same dashboard as the one in your video, it just brought me to a page with 3 tabs "1) about your business 2) your first campaign 3)payment" I have a gmail address, could this be why? Thanks in advance