Free AdWords course at and free tools at Google AdWords can be an amazing platform for PPC Internet marketing. AdWords, however, can be very confusing with many ‘gotchas.’ In this tutorial, Jason McDonald of the JM Internet Group explains keyword match types, the Search vs. Display network, and how to use SEO to improve the ROI of your AdWords keywords and campaigns. If you are looking for Google AdWords secrets and tips, this quick tutorial is for you.

Topics covered
* Keyword Match Types: Broad, Modified Broad, Phrase, and Exact.
* The Google Display Network (GDN) and AdWords
* Enhanced Campaigns and Mobile Advertising via AdWords
* AdWords vs. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Bonus – free AdWords coupons. How to find coupons for Google AdWords.



  1. Jason, you absolutely rock dude! Wow, I am super impressed. I am new to adwords and you have just made me feel like I have some control over the dang thing now. Seriously, great quality and really really appreciate this video. I will be checking out your website here shortly. Cheers!

  2. I've been doing Adwords for 9 months now, and I still found stuff in your webinar that I wasn't doing! Yikes! Thanks for the tips! I also really liked your presentation style. Very easy to understand.

  3. Very useful video. The way of putting in your keywords help your CTR big time, we improved our positions and saved some good money, but had to go through a lot of ad groups 🙁