Learn how to extend your ads with Structured Snippets to give users more information about the specific products and services your business has to offer!

00:00 Hi everyone, I’m Erica from the AdWords team and this is AdWords In Under 5 Minutes. This video will teach you all about structured snippet extensions, which provide additional information on the nature and variety of your products and services before visitors click through to your site! Let’s get started!

00:26 Structured snippets allow your ads to highlight specific aspects of your products and services. With this ad extension, you can show potential customers more detail about your business offerings, like the brands you sell, the amenities you offer, or the neighborhoods you service.

00:42 You’ll first select a pre-existing header in the AdWords interface and then indicate the supporting details related to that header. For example, a shoe business would benefit from giving users a preview of the styles they offer.

00:54 This business selected “styles” as the header option in AdWords, indicated some of the most popular styles, and now potential customers can see more information and are more likely to click on the ad if it matches their needs.

1:06 The available headers you can choose from are: Amenities, Brands, Courses, Degree programs, Destinations, Featured hotels, Insurance coverage, Neighborhoods, Service catalog, Shows, Styles, and Types.

1:24 With such a wide variety of headers to choose from, structured snippets can be useful for virtually any industry or business! Adding structured snippets can increase the relevance and quality of your ads and help make sure you are attracting quality traffic to your website. With this extension, users have more insight into your business’s offerings, which can also help boost your conversions and return on investment with AdWords.

1:47 Keep in mind that the structured snippet extension is very similar to the callout extension, but they do have slightly different use cases. While structured snippets are used to highlight specific aspects of a product or service, like the different kinds of amenities a Hotel could offer, callout extensions are best utilized to differentiate what makes your business unique, like a special promotion.

2:07 Check out this resource if you’d like to compare these two extension types and their best use cases!

2:13 Now, you’re ready to make your first structured snippet extension! To get started, click on the campaign for which you’d like to add structured snippets.

2:20 First, navigate to the settings tab of your campaign and make sure you’ve selected either “Search Network with Display Select” or “Search Network Only.” Structured snippets are only eligible for these two campaign types. Then in the row of gray tabs, click on the Ad Extensions tab. From here, click the “View” button on the left hand side and select “Structured Snippet Extensions” from the drop down list if it is not already selected.

2:46 Then determine if you’d like to apply these sitelinks to your entire account, only the campaign selected, or just to select ad groups. Select either “Account Extension,” “Campaign Extension,” or “Ad Group Extension” based on your choice, and then click the red +Extension button.

3:04 Next click the gray “+New Structured Snippet” button at the bottom of the gray box and then you’ll complete the fields in the white pop up box with the details of the structured snippet you’d like to add.

3:14 First choose the appropriate Header from the gray drop down that best matches the additional context you’d like to provide to users. This header will be shown in front of the values you enter when potential customers are searching on Google.

3:27 Next, you’ll need to enter at least 3 values to save the extension. These should be specific to the header you chose just selected, and they must fit within a 25 character limit. If you’d like to add additional values, click +Add in blue and indicate the values. Next you can click the check box for “Mobile” to indicate that this structured snippet extension is optimized for mobile devices.

3:50 Lastly, click Save in the small white box, make sure your new structured snippet appears underneath “Selected Structured Snippets” on the right, and then click the blue save button in the large gray box.

4:02 And now you have created your first structured snippet! After you set up the structured snippet, you can see detailed reporting from the Ad Extensions tab in the Structured Snippets section that indicates how many clicks occurred on your ad when the structured snippet appeared.



  1. "You can click the check-box for mobile to indicate that this structured snippet is optimized for mobile"
    Does clicking the mobile check-box cause the snippet to appear strictly on mobile, or does it indicate that the snippet is eligible for mobile–causing the snippet to appear on both desktop and mobile devices? I ask because the check-box is labeled "Device preference" , and if I click that check-box, I would assume it indicates my "preference" for the snippet to appear on mobile devices over non-mobile devices.