$1000 worth of Local SEO training presented to you for free! This local internet marketing course is created by one of the world’s best SEOs and gives you a step-by-step template to rank your website for local keywords.

VISUAL RANKING FORMULA: http://bit.ly/Visual_Ranking_Formula

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This is a long video packed with information so feel free to use the table of contents below to find specific information.


Intro:————————————–00.00 – 00.44
KW & Competitive Research: 00.44 – 12.08
Domain:———————————12.08 – 13.35
Pages:————————————13.35 – 16.54
Home Page & More Onsite:—-16.54 – 23.04
Siloing:————————————23.04 – 24.45
Backlink Factors:——————–24.45 – 26.15
Month 1 Backlinks:—————–26.15 – 29.12
Month 2 Backlinks:—————–29.12 – 30.40
Month 3 Backlinks:—————–30.40 – 31.49
Measure Progress:——————31.49 – 36.42

—————————– RESOURCES ————————————–


Competitive KW Research tool: http://semrush.com/

Competitive Backlink tool: http://majesticseo.com/

$27/mo deal for for full access to all the major market research tools: http://www.seogroupbuy.net/

Namecheap: http://namecheap.com/

SerpRank: http://serprank.com/privacy-policy-generator/

XML Site Map: https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/
Yoast SEO: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/
Contact Form 7: https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/
SMUSH (compress images for faster loading): https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-smushit/

————————————– Backlinks —————————————

Step 1: HOTH Press Release – http://bit.ly/HothPRel
Step 2: The HOTH Mini – http://bit.ly/HothMini
Step 3: Links Management-Rent & Buy PBN Links: http://bit.ly/LinksManage

* By using the link here to sign up with linksmanagement, you not only get $50 dollars after spending $100 with them, you also have FREE access to a professional seo who can pick high quality links FOR YOU!

———————————— Measuring Progress ——————————–

SerpBook: http://bit.ly/SerpBook
Google Analytics: https://www.google.com/analytics/
Google Search Console: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home?hl=en



  1. I hope you reply man, I don't understand the whole bank links and getting links from other places. Can you help me out..also what do you write on all the pages? How to you write 500+ different words on 5 different pages about plumbing

  2. Quality Tutorial Ryan.

    I've paid top dollar for not even half, of the quality teaching as what is in this video. Thank's for taking the time out to do it mate.

    I just order the HOTH Press package, so will let you know the results when they come through.

  3. Hey there Ryan, I have some questions. Do you do local citations at all? If not, how do you rank on the snack pack without them? I'm attempting to rent a website to a local business but without the physical address, I'm not able to get on the snack pack. Do you have any advise on how to proceed with the rank and rent business model without a physical address?

    I've been advised previously to use an address of a building with multiple businesses operating in and leave out the suite number. However, I'm finding plenty of evidence supporting that if google finds out you're using a fake address, you'll lose rankings.

    Not having a real, physical address, along with not being able to get real reviews (cause you only have a website, not the actual business) seems to be the only real roadblocks to this business model and the only piece to this puzzle that I'm missing.

    I know there is 1 other way to find out which is to do it and see what happens but I'm hoping you can save me some time and money by filling me in on this – I'd appreciate it!

  4. Thanks for the great overview of the keyword research step. In theory it always seems easy, but when you really get into it, it always gets confusing! This is the first and crucial step to any good online marketing campaign and if you mess this part up – your whole campaign could fail.

  5. Hey, im really hoping you see this. theres one concept with SEO that i can never wrap my head around. I own an AC repair and instllation company in Miami Florida. 3 of our serivces are Duct cleaning, Repairs, and New installations. as of now I have set up 3 different landing pages for each one. does this mean that (in terms of SEO) i have to treat it as if i had 3 completely different websites? (aka seperate back links, seperate press releases for each one)

  6. Yo, Ryan, I am old school Military Secret Highway Experience…. I have been laying in the weeds for 14 years watching the Internet Explode. I have always wondered why local SEO wasn't the first plan of attack for any local company. Well, I am launching a Local Only County Website soon and I am looking for some help with this. Would you be interested in Consultation on a project?? My Website is called "Voice of Mankind.com"… A website for and by the people!! If you are interested please email me at Voiceofmankind@yahoo.com I will have 67 websites that we are launching here in Florida this Year. I need help on tieing all these sites together yet run them independently locally by People. Hope to hear from you. I know what we are doing and I have plans all ready in place. 14 years in concept is long enough. Time for the Big ONE!! I was before FaceBook with my concepts. I learned local and direct messageing in the Marine Corps as I work in "Signals Intelligence"… I had a TOP SECRET clearance and worked on the internet for the Government in the 80"s before the Internet. Look Forward to your input or lead me to someone that would be interested in our project for Mankind's Sake!! Thanks, Col. PlS. I want to build walls around every county in Florida and Then the 3,000 other counties in America. I really could use help for a Master!!!

  7. What type of content do you put in the inner pages that point to a different city? Are they relatively the same content with the city being different? Just wondering in case of a penalty for duplicate content

  8. We had our site done by professionals and are are ranked #1 in local area, but analyzing load time at pingdom, we get a D rating, main problem seems to be very long wait time. Is this an issue of a crappy server which the designers host the site on. I have been skeptical of the server which I believe is hosted in the UK for a while as we had another issue with it 6 months ago.

    here's a list of all the poor grades on pingdom.
    F-Combine external JavaScript
    F-Parallelize downloads across hostnames
    F-Combine external CSS
    F-Leverage browser caching
    F-Minimize request size
    D-Minimize DNS lookups

    Also we started with our company as our domain name, which doesn't have keywords in it but would rather not change all our email and administration stuff at this point. Would you suggest adding another domain in addition or would that just screw things up with our ranking.

    I have a programming background and know css/html and can probably figure out of this stuff but have been out of the field for a while.

    Any advice?


  9. Was a great video for people who don't know that much at SEO. I would like to know more about blogging and the details about creating links to other credible sites. I understood linking is generally necessary and that are factors to consider i.e. How many links per month but I still don't understand the fundamentals of creating the link or asking others to link to you. For example, I heard linking to the BBB was a good idea but don't know what the first step. Lastly, do you have a contact email? Thank you.

  10. What a great video. Thanks for sharing all this wonderful info. You explained everything in a slow, methodical, easy to follow way. Told us the exact sequence to follow. And included all the referenced tools you used to do things. Geat video. Best local SEO video on Youtube. Can hardly wait to se if you have a video on Google Maps. Thanks again Ryan.

  11. I have a question on the privacy policy. From what I have found you should have a privacy policy if your website has google ads. If you just have a basic WordPress website with no ads, should you still have a privacy policy page using the SerpRank tool?

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