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Does Facebook Advertising Work? Create A Successful PPC (Pay Per Click)Campaign On Facebook In A Few Minutes! Learn how to market your info products or your physical products using Facebook ads With this marketing tutorial.



  1. just because you put $5 for a bid does not mean you will be charged $5 it just means you are willing to pay up to $5 but even if you put $10 you will be charged less than $1. It is better to put a high bid because than facebook will show your ad first

  2. I agree Cody. Everyone asks about Facebook and making money with Facebook, simply because they think that just because it's a huge social network, they think they can make more money with it.

    I find that Bing Ads is just as cheap in the right niches, and Bing is tied with Google that makes up about 30% of the net market. Facebook only has about 2%, as you said. I would MUCH rather go to Bing and get so much more for my money, without being overcharged by Google AdWords, and avoiding the social stigma of "Facebook Ads" from Facebook.

    Keep up the solid work my man.