An interesting story from the PPC Aruba.

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  1. Trooper, really liken the island Vlog, you need some island music to go with the vids. Nice catch on the dealer error, Joan seems like a cool lady. Have a question… Is this the same Intertops that was based out of Australia in the early 2000? I think I played there in the Sportsbook and deposited 1,000 and had a great experience there, however, they ended up kicking US customers out due to the US govt crackdown on online sports betting back in the day. Are they allowing US customers in their Sportsbook now? Or just for Poker? Hey, I wonder how many people try and smuggle those Iguanas home in their luggage.?Doin a great job.

  2. Too late by now. You should have changed rooms to get better internet. Probably facing inward close toward the lobby if possible. They also might have that bullshit deal like Vegas is starting to pull. Pay more to upgrade to faster internet.

  3. I'm not making excuses for trooper but intertops is paying him for making videos. Since trooper makes free vlogs for us to watch I think it's cool he is affiliated with some poker sites. I for one would love to see him play more but I am also not a video editor and am a watcher lol.

  4. Nice Video Trooper!  It just took you a couple of days to get adjusted to your normal self — which I think would be the same for most people in a similar situation … unless you're a freaking used car salesman, conman or something like that!   Cheers!!