We’re excited to introduce the new series of creative link building hangouts on air. In this session we’ll be taking a close look at +AUSDOM a company which manufactures IP cameras. Here’s the official URL for the website we’ll be reviewing: http://www.ausdom.com/



  1. Contact your local council / gov organisation and offer to place some fixed cameras in popular landmark locations. This applies to upcoming events, festivals and what not as well. You may not get a link out of it (and you shouldn't ask), but you'd get a tonne of exposure to a different crowd who may not even be shopping for a camera which is even better – instead of people searching for "IP Cameras" they'd be searching for your brand name directly. Another I think +Dan Petrovic touched on lightly which was home automation. My suggestion would be to introduce some sort of SDK for developers out there to make full use of the camera.