Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a game of tough questions, tough answers, and tough gays in space. That’s what the game is about. Definitely and for real.

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  1. 2008: stop making world war games they're garbage

    2013: stop making modern war games they're garbage

    2016: stop making future war games they're garbage

    Coming in 2017: Call of Duty: Rock Warfare.

  2. hearing simone split patrick in twain was like being thrown into a bag of lube and Wonka Nerds(TM) – naked – and then having milk poured into the bag, filling it, filling it up to my neck, oh god, oh god i can feel it lap against my neck, sipping gently at my glottis, oh jesus, oh god, it's rising, – rising up to my ears – the milky, oily, liquid lubricant-nerd-dairy mixture; it chortles within my eardrums, laughing, cackling – mocking my very being – i am in this hell beyond hell, please someone, please anyone, release me

    oh, also, those are some good shorts, pat.