In today’s live show I share recent shocking news that Gentry favorite and legendary Seiko SARB033, SARB35 and SARB017 are all being officially discontinued. I also discuss building a killer watch collection for under $1000 and suggest some amazing watches out there at this very fun price range. Lastly, I answer some live Q&A. If you missed this live broadcast, please leave your questions in the comments section below and I will answer them next time!

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  1. Question for the next live chat TGV. I’m seriously considering the 2017 sunburst blue Aquis Date with the skeleton case back. I’ve spoken to a sales person here in Perth who had some Aquis’ at his watch boutique (he said he is a qualified watch maker with experience working in Switzerland also) and he mentioned that the Sellita movements used in them are ‘ok’ but can have some problems. In your experience or any of the Gentry for that matter, is this statement likely to be accurate? Have any other of the Gentry owned an Aquis with the Oris in-house modified Sellita movement and if so, does/did it operate well? I’d love to know as i really love the look of the watch. Cheers to all the Gentry🙏🏻

  2. I really wanted a green watch so I ordered a Seiko SPB081J1 (SBDC059J1) 62MAS Green Dial Limited Edition 200M. I wanted a Seiko thanks to your videos. After a few years I want to get an Omega then probably a Rolex diver

  3. Sad to see the SARBs go. Whats worse is Seiko will come out with watered down versions and sell them for the same money just like they did with the SARB065 (cocktail time). All replacements will likely have the 4R35 movement. Not that there's anything wrong with it. its just that i got an SRPA29 with the 4R35 movement for $125 shipped and i imagine It's going to be difficult for me to pay $500 for a watch with the same movement. Currently wearing my SARB033 and i love it!

  4. this live shows are the best, bummer I couldn't watch live, due to the time difference, had to get up very early next day, best host and nice company with all watch enthusiasts from all over the world, had a lot of fun, thank you

  5. Great live show TGV, really enjoyed it. Bummed I couldn't tune in live to interact. Can you talk about the Tudor North Flag? I love the watch and wanted to get your impressions about the quality and the resale value. Thanks!

  6. Bought one for $399 with my Sinn 104 (white face) savings. Amazon and now 12 hours later they are $450. Oh well can't seem to thin the collection now nearing 50…Good God!

  7. Love my Sarb033, I wear it daily. Ill never sell it and besides nobody would buy it in the condition its in! Im sad the Sarb line is discontinued, but happy because it makes mine even more special!