In this video, I’m taking a look at a Blizzard PPC accelerator card for Amiga 1200. The symptom was simply a black screen upon power up without any activity at all.
It was not particularly difficult to track down and repair this fault, as you will see in the video.

One thing which really comes clear from this video is the importance of doing final inspection as a step in the repair procedure. How many of the DIY repair technicians out there incorporate final inspection as a standard procedure in the repair process? My guess would be far less than 50% of them. This is very unfortunate, as final inspection often proves to be a very important step in the whole repair procedure which can greatly reduce the risk of new failures happening in the nearby future.
The repair of the PPC card in this video is a typical example of this.



  1. OMG @ carving out the plastic!  What was that guy thinking?  Would have been much better to just sell the SIMM and buy another low profile SIMM or something.  I love your attention to detail with the microscope etc =)  Very tricky to solder the inside of those resistor networks – nice tip with the foil there to protect the plastic.  Fantastic repair as usual =)

  2. Thanks for another great video.  As silly as this may sound, I've learned more about proper soldering and work techniques from watching your videos than I did from electronics class many years ago.

  3. Hi,

    I liked your video. It gives me clues, for the future, when my blizzard ppc needs repairing. 🙂 It's still working fine, atm.
    May i ask, wich microscope u use, to do those final checks?

    Greetings Ralf

  4. You know, I bought the very same card many many years ago and it failed twice. Luckily, it failed not long after purchase so I sent it back for repair. They sent it back fairly quickly but I was always curious as to what caused the failure. They never said. I've never used it since they sent it back the second time for fear it would fail again. (Still have it) As you know, I spent an absolute fortune buying this board and was gutted at it being so unreliable. The whole A1200 was housed in a tower unit so overheating couldn't have been an issue. The memory used was fine also. I guess I'll never know. Great video though.

  5. Yes. Exactly the same. Just a blank screen if I remember correctly. It was so long ago. I succumbed to the PC back in 97/98 but I always missed my miggy. I fear I may have forgotten how to use an Amiga again. It terrifies me incase the board pops again as I don't know who would repair it. I'm not as nimble fingered or as knowledgeable as your good self with components so small. 🙂

  6. Hello,
    A few days ago I found your YT channel. I watched almost everything. I really admire you for your work and attention to detail. Is a pleasure to watch, really. Thank you very much and please continue creating these helpful videos.

  7. watched  ur video  ..attension  to detail  amazing  ..i have  2  boards  now  ..actually  2 and a half  ..the 020  still works  sometimes  040  apollo   and my  ppc/040  a1200  board  long  ago  went  black  screen  ..considered  throwing  in  bin  but  couldnt  bring  myself  to  do  it  ..if  u were in australia  id  be  hopeful  to  get repaired  but  i like  your idea of  microscope  ..could  check  the boards  better..great  page  mate  ..ive  subscribed  ..thanks

  8. I have a Blizzard PPC 060 (603e+) that needs the SCSI chip replaced. One of the pins on the chip has been broken off. My friend sold me the card in this condition, so I was aware of it. Other than the SCSI not working , the card works great. I ordered a replacement chip from China. Hopefully is the correct one. My soldering skills are OK, but replacing an entire chip of this nature is far beyond my current abilities (plus I don't have the right tools for this job). Can you repair this card fro me?