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Lots of marketers forget that there is another search engine, that hundreds of millions of visitors use per month.

Yes, it’s not as big as Google but there is still plenty of traffic that you can gather with a fraction of the cost.

Marketing on Bing opens up the door for us marketers, who are interested in search engine PPC without forking out a ton of money.

If you understand search engine traffic, you would know that this is one of the warmest traffic you can generate.

Think about it…

The only reason why people use search engines is to find things. These are people who are actively looking for what you can offer.

Now, imagine being able to place an ad right in front of their eyes for them to see. Imagine being able to reach out to them and tell them you have the solution to their problems.

How Bing PPC works is exactly that. The great news is, you only pay when the user clicks on your ad. Which the user will then be directed to your landing page of choice.

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  1. You have mentioned Landing page experience not preferably should have rich media like Video and should be text rich…..But dont you think experience is better with Videos and rich media.
    And you have mentioned about CTR but whose CTR has more relevance Keyword CTR or the Ad CTR…. Say I have a good converting keyword or good converting Ad with extremely low CTR….That inherently means the keyword or the ad may be clicked less number of times but gets me more conversion…..What do you suggest for this….

    There can be a possibility where ad and keyword has low CTR but high conversion and low quality score.

    So our campaign should be Quality score centric or Conversion centric

  2. Why use the google keyword tool instead of the bing keyword search tool. Not all keywords you find with google are also searched for in Bing. It doesnt make sence to me.