Amazon Pay Per Click Training With the new changes to the Amazon pay per click (PPC) tips & tricks. The invited Brian Johnson, one of the most recognized PPC experts out there today, to join this webinar and explain the best way to get started with your PPC campaigns.

Please watch: “2017 Tutorial: Making Money On Amazon By Finding Private Label FBA Products Sourced From Alibaba”




  1. Hello, absolutely amazing video, thanks for spending the time to make it. I just wanted to know what categories have $5 keywords? In my category, I haven't seen anything over $0.75.

  2. What is a good product rank on jungle scout because I see that products with good sales per month have a very low product rank as compared . My question is from what number to what number is a decent product rank also taking into consideration the demand for that particular product

  3. I don't know you live in Thailand or not ,I lived in Bangkok and I got a problems of wokrking on line .I saw many youtube video and I become more a,ore confuse of what where Ican start.I a newbie.

  4. When Amazon gives me an estimated bid of .08. How much belief do I put into that? Do I assume 50% of the people around that price? What happens if I do .60 or $1.00 on a .07 (If this .07 works for me). If my max bid is .60 PerClik' it does not seem like they are always taking the max. It is following some kind of formula to charge me? I have also bid less and paid more by .5.10cent. But why? If there were people bidding more didn't they just get the slots. I just get a bad low spot and someone liked my pic more than the others? I trust gorillaZ. I think I need basic PPC theories and what is going on behind the scenes? Based on these questions you agree? Whose name or what should I search for? There are millions of self proclaimed experts. But only so many GorillaZ.