Google’s Webmaster Guidelines discourage forum signature
links but what about links from comments? Is link building by
commenting against Google Webmaster Guidelines? What if
it’s a topically relevant site and the comment is meaningful?
Chase, A, Denver, CO

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  1.                ☻/               GIVE US THE OLD YOUTUBE COMMENT SYSTEM
                   /▌ ︻╦╤─          NOW!  COPY PASTE ALL OVER YOUTUBE,
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  2.             ☻/               GIVE US THE OLD YOUTUBE COMMENT SYSTEM
                   /▌ ︻╦╤─          NOW!  COPY PASTE ALL OVER YOUTUBE,
        ░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄     ATTACK!

  3. I like the suggestion that when you're commenting you comment using an account that is your personal name as opposed to using an account that represents your business and by the way I like the fact that comments on YouTube videos like this one are now showing up on my Google plus page and we can finally in bed links on YouTube video comments 🙂

  4. Google+ comments showing here are spam by the way and I flag every single on I see on every youtube video I watch, so if you care about Google's rules unlink your Google Plus and Youtube accounts or Google is going to think you are a spammer.

  5. Use your real name when commenting. When you use a company name or anchor text you want to rank for, it makes it look like you are leaving the comment for commercial marketing purposes and thus may look spammy.

  6. Funny thing is I see comment spam on this comment thread.  Matt, great advice on only commenting to add value instead of scheduling how many comments to post on blogs per day.  It really goes back to the basics. Concentrate on adding value to the discussion versus pitching and you will be rewarded.

  7. So…. as long as we keep it natural "organic" it will contribute to rankings. We only practice white head SEO although we know old school spammy black head tecnhniques do work for a while or long while. Only lately we see the consequences as a result of Google penalties at the serps of compettitors 🙂

  8. People get so scared about leaving comments with links, it's so annoying as more and more webmasters are not allowing comments as they are "scared" of google taking them down.

    Also my opinion on say SEO in general. It seems that by it's very nature ANY SEO is a form of manipulating and basically comes down to, how much money your business has in order to manipulate search engine results in your favour. 

    What actually craps me, is that people rant on about, oh you need to make it "organic", and "look natural". SEO should not be looked at like that way at all, and I'm not sure how to build a business online when I cannot get to the top of google search engine. Back to the drawing boards. 

  9. youtube used to be great, accessible and open to free speech even if it was spam – your guys algorithms are shit and prevent openness of information and conversation almost entirely except for mindless drivel.
    ive been put in as spam for linking Einstein quotes and information.
    hell linking to Wikipedia can get you marked as spam.
    its sad.

  10. No, all my comments I have refreshed to give links none have worked. Can someone tell me how to give a link without instant spam? I need to know so can someone please tell me?

  11. The problem with the term spam is that it means so many things. Spam changes all the time, the problem is that just as new laws are made all the time and we don't know about it in everyday life, New spams are also made everyday by the system. Remember, spam is caught by a bot not a human being and so without knowledge of how to define new spams, and without the introduction of new spams to people all over the world, it means that google is playing their own game leaving us blinded. Today you will call this a spam and tomorrow that becomes a spam, not only that but believe me the bot is not perfect at all, even if you are not spamming, the bot might say you are spamming!!!, then what are you going to do?, Make an appeal stating an argument that you weren't spamming?, what a waste of time just because the bot is not perfectly programmed. This is just my idea but why not just make a button at the bottom of each comment box and when you press it after making a comment, it opens a popup box showing if you have spammed or not, that would solve all sorts of issues, before it happens.

     If you say that you are allowed to comment normally and that's okay, well you are wrong my friend, because its not you ( HUMAN ) who decides what is spam, its the bot (PROGRAM) who decides whats spam. 🙂 So please program your bots properly before releasing it out to the world for usage.

  12. Any time I post a link it automatically gets flaged as spam.
    How can I tell? Cause I can see the comment when logged in, but if I log out the comment disappears.
    No, not just unable to find it, actually disappears as spam flagged.
    Example: Bob posts a comment, I reply to the comment with a link, I log off, now when I go back and look at bob's comment my reply is not visible.

  13. mmm no doesn;t help. when I'm in a comment section and I have an argument with somebody I have to prove my words with facts. so I post a link to a video prving that I'm right and guess what? nobody sees it because it's autimatically is marked as spam, with no explanation from youtube itself.

  14. it is so annoying. We are talking about a scientific discussion on one channel, and to talk about physical theories, you often need graphics or drawings, you cant just use words. And there is no way to use any kind of links or pictures to support your comments and help people understand. I have made a lot of good comments with explainations. And it took a few days for the channel admin to set these comments as "not spam". But way too late, so noone else see it anymore.
    Is there any way to post pictures or drawings somehow to comments?

  15. the comments that doesn't line up with the New World Order go ahead and laugh this guy's talking about Google but he's wearing a Firefox shirt so that tells you where his loyalties lie why I made a funny it's obvious if your attitude agenda doesn't line up with the powers-that-be you won't be much longer and I did write my name to it

  16. It's annoying. I was just trying to help this person figure out this part of Steam they hadn't yet discovered. Typed up a comment trying to help, left a link directly to the Steam workshop and my comment was marked as spam by someone at YouTube. The person i was trying to help thought i was trying to be rude and leave them a comment that had nothing to do with what they were asking. We should be able to leave a link in our comments without it immediately being flagged

  17. I seem to be having a problem it's alright leaving a comment on somebody's YouTube channel? But if I leave a link so say Amazon eBay or even at a YouTube channel!! it won't show up! I had this a couple of month ago and it seemed to clear itself up but the problem seems to be back again!? "what can I do to resolve this issue" thanks.
    A old chap I follower has poor eyesight and I left him an Amazon link for some high-powered special magnifying glass what isn't in America, he was trying to get hold of, but of course it's not showing up and I have to separate the address but he has problems putting that in his browser?