Google Analytics offers limitless insight, but we’ll talk about some highlights when it comes to AdWords analysis. In other videos we’ve covered what to do with GA metrics within AdWords. Now we’re covering what AdWords analyses to run within Google Analytics itself. What we’ll cover in this video:
(1) Auto-tag your ads
(2) Segment user behavior
(3) Use GA Secondary Dimensions on AdWords reports
(4) Use AdWords Secondary Dimensions in GA reports

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Hello the Internet, welcome to our ongoing series all about how Google Analytics and AdWords are better together. My name’s Sean Quadlin, I’m a product marketing manager here focusing on SEM best practices.

Now, you probably already know that Google Analytics offers tons of insights, but we’re going to talk about some specific highlights when it comes to AdWords analysis. In other videos we cover what to do with GA metrics within AdWords. Now, we’re covering what AdWords
analyses to run within Google Analytics itself. What we’ll cover in this video:
(1) Auto-tagging your ads,
(2) Segmenting user behavior,
(3) Using GA secondary dimensions on AdWords reports, and then
(4) Using AdWords secondary dimensions in GA

Now to start, auto-tag your ads. It’s just a quick bit of technical
advice. Plan on auto tagging, it simplifies your life. Some people have
specific reasons not to, but it’s very specific, like I said, so just plan on
doing it.

The second bit of advice is to segment behavior to understand your
AdWords target audience. Google Analytics has a powerful segmentation engine. Instead of looking at your audience in large bunches, you can break it down into its component’s parts and understand how each part interacts with your site. Then, you can bid, message and direct traffic accordingly.

Here’s an example:
How do users coming from AdWords react to your site on their first visit? To find out, run a destination URL report in Google Analytics then segmented it by new and returning users. In this case, you may
also learn which pages on your site could double as good landing pages for AdWords traffic. Segments are great and you can even create custom segments for even deeper analysis.

Next, layer GA’s secondary dimensions onto your AdWords-specific reports. Want to know where your most profitable customers come from? Try layering Google Analytics’ flexible secondary dimensions on to your AdWords-specific GA reports. Secondary dimensions in GA work just like AdWords segments, except that there are more of them and they’re even more flexible. To start, pick a question, any of them, and investigate the right dimensions to find the answer. There are loads of secondary dimensions to add to your reports, so find the ones that can lead to insight for you.

And finally, use AdWords secondary dimensions in your Google Analytics reports. Put your AdWords account performance into perspective by layering AdWords secondary dimensions on a Google
Analytics report. No matter which report you run in analytics, you can add AdWords dimensions on to that report for a deeper level of understanding of your AdWords traffic. These reports will not only be insightful, but helps show you what to do directly in AdWords. Determining bid adjustments through a geographic report is just one example. Think about the reports that you value most in Google Analytics and then see what that report can teach you about your AdWords account. What you learn from those secondary dimensions will show you how to message to AdWords Users and where to send them on your site.

So to recap, when you’re running AdWords reports right in Google Analytics:
(1) Auto-tag your ads just to make your life
(2) Segment user behavior.
(3) Use GA secondary
dimensions on AdWords reports.
(4) And use AdWords secondary dimensions in GA reports.

Thanks for watching this video and please check out the rest of our
series all about how Adwords andGoogle Analytics are better together.