Here’s this PePe Saturday Night-fever post PowerUP style (2007)

It was time to test run my (almost stock) classic Amiga 2000 after many months of working on the hardware, trying to fit everything in.

Now all the modified hardware where coming together out of boxes and plastic bags and going into the prepared chassi. After ALL the wires where connected it was time to hit the “power” switch while Brian and I cross our fingers. We used 2 PSU’s so we could feed the Raid controller and HDD’s with its own and not having to wait for it to “bootup” every-time we reset the Amiga… so when the Raid controller was done we hit the A2K power switch and DANM!!! is work first time around… YEAARRH!

Installing software was a breize beginning with OS3.1 Install disks HDtoolBox which found a device called “RAID 8910-8” (there’s the Raid controller), make a little partitions for installing OS3.1 and then OS3.9, hardware drivers, PPC software ect. etc… just success all the way.



  1. It'd be nice if an Amiga developer could clone the PowerUp developer board. Something that could plug into any 040/060 socket. It'd be like the older 680×0 accelerators that resided in your 68000 motherboard socket. Bring OS4 to the masses, or what's left of us :^) I'd like to plug one into my DraCo too.

  2. So what's the point of it all? My ten year old Sony Vaio with Dual Pentiums running at 3.0 MHz blows the doors off anything you can do with this old Amiga. After Anti-Gravity made off with $2200 of my money for their non-existent Alien BoXer I realized there would never be another Amiga. Now you're back where you started – no software, no games! Bye Bye!