Hey guys, today’s video is about Amazon PPC. If you have a new Amazon product and sales are slow, using Amazon PPC can be a great way to drive traffic and hopefully sales to your new Amazon product.

A quick word of caution, Amazon states that listings don’t really convert well until they have 16 reviews. 16 seems to be the magic number where customers begin to trust a product. Whether a listing has 16 reviews or 160 reviews, Amazon states the conversion rates do not improve.

Because of this, ideally we want to have 16 reviews on our listing prior to running Amazon PPC.

In this video, we do a screencast, showing you guys what your Amazon PPC reporting dashboard will look like. We’ll look at one of my campaigns and see what we are paying for advertising, compared with what results we are getting, ie what is that advertising bringing us in sales?

If you have questions about Amazon PPC or anything related to Amazon selling drop a comment below.

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  1. thanks for a great video like always. How does Amazon's recent change in policy regarding reviews change your PPC strategy? i am a newish Amazon customer looking to move from arbitrage to WS or PL.

  2. Thanks for a great video!

    How would you recommend getting the first ca. 16 reviews on a new product? Asking friends and family? It's more expensive to do PPC with brand new products, as you've mentioned, but it's hard to sell the product and get reviews without PPC….

  3. The keyword is really very important for drive sales, For starting ppc camping very important to research the main profit full keyword first, The keyword selection need to done before the listing creation, because for ppc camping must need to optimize for buyer, When you done the every profess carefully you will must be success on ppc, and you also get organic rank position on amazon naturally.