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Hi, I’m Ben Donovan and I would love to help you toward financial freedom.

On this channel I teach all things selling on Amazon FBA, business mindsets and personal finance principles. It’s my aim to help as many people as possible be freed from the grip the need for money places over our time.

In today’s video I begin a 3 episode series teaching you Amazon PPC Strategy for 2019 that will help you scale PPC sales to 6 figures and more. In this Amazon PPC Tutorial you will learn:

What does it all mean? The key terms, the key stats and everything you need to get started.

How should I actually set my campaigns up?

Amazon PPC optimization is essential if your PPC campaigns are ever going to be profitable. Make sure you tune in to part three for the key tips here.

I hope it helps, and if I can do anything else, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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  1. Hi Ben, Great video!

    A quick question.. when you are putting your keywords in the broad, phrase and exact match ad groups in the testing campaign are you putting the same keywords in each ad group? Say i take 50 relevant keywords from helium 10 do you put the same 50 in each group?

    And the winning campaign would you have just have phrase and exact and whatever the keyword was more successful in the testing campaign you put in the winning. ie. "yoga mat" was more profitable as a phrase match in the testing campaign so you move it to phrase match in the winning campaign? I hope this make sense..


  2. Hi,this is a great video.One question I would like to ask.Does it make a difference if I create a campaigns or ad groups for each match type for the WINING Campaign? I’ve got all my keywords from the Discovery and Testing campaign and then I created 3 match type of camapaigns for the winning keywords.

  3. thank you for your video please I have some questions
    1) how many keywords you put for each ad group (you have 3 ad groups exact, broad and phrase for each one how many keywords you put there)
    2) is there a maximum amount of keyword for the whole campaign

  4. Good stuff Ben. So I’ve had an exact campaign I’ve had running for a while but I’m gonna start all over. So if I understand this right, I do an auto, exact for testing that consists of broad, exact, and phrase. For the winning, I don’t have those yet and my other exact campaign didn’t unveil any winners yet. So would I hold off on that?