Learn how to use location targeting in AdWords to set the geographical area where you want the ads in location targeting to show, and restrict it in areas where you don’t.
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  1. What about the language from countries that are not on the language list? they can't see the adds because their browser is on their language. What to do in that situation?

  2. My account doesn't look like this tutorial…. why oh why does this have to be so overly complicated????????????!!!!!!! There is no 'targeting' in my campaign…. :::beating head on keyboard:::

  3. Howdy y'all! I've made an ad, but when I go to save and finish, I'm told that it violates some guidelines. I've changed what I thought were violations, but it continues to tag the ad as in violation. It won't let me save? It doesn't ever say it is saved, so I assume it isn't. It also says it must be reviewed.

    I second hilary 2k. Why is this process so convoluted, complex, counter-intuitive? It seems like it should be a straightforward process to produce a small block of text to appear on search engines and websites, but boy howdy it sure isn't.