The first thing you’ll do when you create a new AdWords campaign is choose your campaign type. Get familiar with the most common campaign types and choose one based on your business goals.
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a) I want the simplest way to reach the most people interested in my products/services

b) I want to reach people searching for my products/services

c) I want to reach people across the web who might be interested in my products/services



  1. +GoogleAds I have two types of campaigns (search only & display only) into my a/c. If i want to see display only campaign into my a/c rather then both campaigns. what are the steps i have to follow? Plz help

  2. Hi There. I'm already familiar with AdWords Express and have been using it successfully for a few months for local business websites in the Perth, Western Australia city amd its suburbs. It works well for me in this context. Recently I've been promoting local businesses in West Australian towns such as Carnarvon. AdWords Express does not work well in this context as Carnarvon is not near any cities and I can only advertise within a 65km radius of the local business address in Carnarvon. Local businesses in towns such as Carnarvon would typically service needs considerably further away than 65kms. I can also advertise across WA but that is too expensive and most impressions would not be relevant anyway. There don't seem to be any smaller regions defined in Google AdWords Express.

    Can you tell me if AdWords will allow me more flexibility in targeting my Ads? I'd like to be able to specify a much larger radius from the business location or include several towns in the locations to target.

  3. Maybe you can help. I am a realtor and want to create ad campaigns for each property. We set up a website for each property with its own URL as separate pages within our own website. Can you see this working? Is there any particulars you can share to look out for. I am new to Adwords.

  4. i tried to call google tonight and just received a night time operator that knew nothing and sent me an email with links on how to do things that lead me to this totorial…..I just dont get why it is not evident on how to change my domain name inside the google ads campaign manager. Im all set up with campaigns, all I have is a few simple questions and need a real person that can answer them in a few minutes rather than me spend countless hours trying to get to what I need

  5. Hi,

    I am still having problem to define the difference between the campaign type? Isn't that all three types are letting our ad to show when the searching word is similar to our keyword?

  6. Confusing. Seemed to jump around from cell phone to desktop a bit. after watching had no idea how to get started from opening the screen to setting up a campaign. I think we should have the screen showing the icons and then explain the purpose of each