In this Adwords Tutorial, Brad Geddes provides a step-by-step guide to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns. Running PPC campaigns to drive traffic and grow sales demands regular observation, analysis and overhaul of your best practices in order to suit constantly changing audiences. A timely assessment will provide fresh insight, helping you re-imagine overlooked opportunities, and optimize results going forward. Join the author of Advanced Google Adwords, Brad Geddes as he explains the various steps involved in sorting out the post-holiday season checklist, identifying key items that need to be focused on, and ensuring that you’re all set for massive PPC success in the new year.

Below are the topics covered in this Adwords Tutorial:

1. Review and analyze your ads, landing pages, and offers
2. Plan ahead for 2018
3. Lay down markers and resolutions for the new year

About Brad Geddes: Brad Geddes is the author of “Advanced Google AdWords”, and co-founder of AdAlysis, an automatic ad testing and PPC recommendation platform. Brad makes it his mission to share his expertise in Paid Search with online marketers so they can build successful online campaigns that generate business. He frequently writes columns for Search Engine Land, co-moderates the AdWords forum on Webmaster World, has keynoted and spoken at more than 85 conferences, and has led more than 60 AdWords seminars.

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About Simplilearn PPC Specialist Program

The PPC Specialist Master’s program is designed to transform you into an industry-ready paid marketing professional. Follow our clear, structured learning path recommended by industry experts and fast-track your career. You will learn to master the nuances of pay per click, display advertising, conversion optimization, and web analytics, and you’ll acquire extensive project experience to prepare you for managing paid marketing initiatives. The program provides access to more than 35 live, instructor-led online classes conducted by an expert training team. You’ll gain access to high-quality e-learning content, simulation exams, a community moderated by experts, monthly mentoring sessions and other resources to enable you to master the skills you’ll need to become a complete PPC specialist.

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Why become a PPC Specialist?

Paid marketing is the most effective way to target digital audiences and accounts for 40+ percent of all digital marketing budgets. PPC specialists are responsible for planning, managing, and executing paid marketing campaigns on various media to achieve business goals such as brand awareness, lead generation and sales conversion. This role requires a blend of marketing and analytical skills and an in-depth understanding of bidding methods, performance measurement, ad platforms, conversion optimization and search engine marketing to manage campaigns that drive real ROI.

There is impressive year over year growth of paid digital spending and a huge global demand for pay per click specialists. A few supporting facts and figures:
– PPC is among the top six job roles listed on
– There are 5000+ jobs in the USA and 4,600+ jobs in the UK that require PPC skills
– In India, there are 2400+ jobs on for PPC specialists

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Who can become a PPC specialist?

PPC skills are ideal for those who seek leadership positions in paid marketing. The following roles are best suited to be PPC specialists:
1. Marketing managers
2. Digital marketing executives
3. Marketing and sales professionals
4. Management, engineering, business, and communication graduates
5. Entrepreneurs and business owners

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