Here is my latest shot at the Google AdWords Fundamentals exam. 99/100. I hope it helps those who are considering writing the cert. Good Luck Cheers!



  1. Hi Darryl! Thanks for this, great study material! I have a question for you, could your 1 mistake out of 100, be on question 79? I don't see how Call Extensions could be the answer to that question.

  2. why do you spend a minute each questions entertaining other answers saying "uhmmm", and "maybe" and sitting their thinking when you know there not right…this video could have been so much shorter. It's so obvious your pretending to not know the answer when you clearly know it.

  3. was the one you got wrong about having multiple ads in an ad group, doesn't google link the multiple ads to the most relevant keywords (not rotate them and show the best performing ads) ?

  4. 47:19 I didn't get that question when I took the exam.

    54:00 including information about Italian food doesn't seem compelling. I thought the answer would be to include a call to action, but "find the nearest location" maybe is not a good call to action.

  5. Hi Darryl,
    Do you think it's possible that the first question on your exam is the elusive one? If you jump to #56, you'll see that the first part of the question is worded quite similarly to the first question and the right answer to #56 i.e moving away from 'accelerated' makes ' You are on accelerated' seem like the right answer for #1.

  6. hey Darryl…if i wanna get the Google AdWords certificate will the exam questions be the same as these (in the video) or they'll change???
    NOTE: if it was my first attempt for getting certified !!!
    oh BTW you've got your self +1sup and +1like