– This is the third video of my Ultimate Guide To Tiered Link Building video tutorial series.

In this video you will learn

How to setup and schedule the entire campaign
Advanced spinning techniques that will make you stand out from the crowd
Various personal tips and tricks

You can download all of the resources in the video at my blog-

Partial Transcript (full transcript on the blog)

Hi guys Matthew Woodward here and welcome to part 3 of the ultimate guide to tiered link building.

In this video I’m going to show you how to setup and schedule all of your tier 1 links over my shoulder.

I’m also going to show you some advanced spinning techniques that will help you stand out from the crowd and get more out of your campaigns as well as some of my personal tips and tricks which I know you’re going to love.

If you watched the last video then you should have prepared and spun-

3 x 500 word articles
1 set of social bookmark titles and descriptions
1 set of web directory titles and descriptions
1 set of related keywords and tags
1 video with titles and descriptions
and imported all of your target sites into ultimate demon

If you don’t have all of this ready then get to work otherwise carry on watching.

Also in the last video we setup our global proxies, ping servers and captcha solving services so make sure you’ve done those before you carry on. Once you’ve done that on the projects tab here click new and name your project in this im going to call it video tutorial and press save.

Then open the project and the first thing we are going to do is create the web 2.0 sites so come up to task here, click on new select web 2.0 tasks and wait for that to open. Make that fullscreen and the first thing that we need to do is select sites that we want to post to. So to do that hit the green plus and just from the top here I’m going to scroll down and select a few hundred of them, that’ll do and click add.

The next thing that we need to do is add in our author bio and account information. So to do that you click the green plus here and let’s just maximise this and you can see that it’s already filled out a lot of the information that we need such as first name, last name and username and things like that. So we can come straight to e-mail here, click on the e-mail button and paste in the email address your going to use and our template in this case is or hotmail. And that automatically fills in the mail servers for us and we put in the username and password and it’s always a good idea to test these settings before you continue. And as you can see that’s connected fine.

We then need to fill out the rest of the fields, as you can see the address information is already done. We have the miscellaneous section here which is used to fill out any author profiles on sites it signs up to where available. So let’s paste the author bio in, the title of our website, our website url for the phone number we can just hit the red dice button, the company name which I wouldn’t worry too much about just make sure it is well spun so it’s always unique and the job title just hit the red dice over here.



  1. Because what im actually doing with the image code is moving all of the different elements around at random as well.

    So sometimes it will be like SRC, ALT, ALIGN, BORDER then other times it will be ALIGN, ALT, SRC, BORDER and others it might only be SRC, ALIGN etc

    keeps the html random ^^

  2. Great video! Im from argentina, and most of my blogs and webs are in spanish.
    The ultimate demon have the choice when you search for categories on bookmarks,etc to search for the spanish lenguage market or all the webs are in english?
    And in case of not, are the english ones right to rank sites in spanish?
    Thanks!! And sorry for my bad english!

  3. Hi Matthew,

    Since Javascript embed codes are no longer offered by Youtube, what do you suggest us to do, make our own java code or go for the iframe embed code that youtube generates?


  4. Hi matthew thank you for this awesome tutorials, How ever I am using GSA instead of Ultimate demon. I also saw your video regarding using GSA, however is there any possibility that you make a tutorial how to build links using GSA? same as what you did to ultimate demon.

  5. Hey Matthew, thanks for the great videos! I love the organizational skills and spreadsheets! I wanted to show some of the formulas that don't require as much copy and pasting (let excel work for you)

    Starting at the top you have A through E in row 1. If you do the following, you will only have to input the unique video code in column B:

    1. In cell F1, instead of =A1&+B1&+C1&+D1&+E1&, use this formula:

    2. Copy this formula all the way down column F. The $ tells the formula not to change cells as you copy it into F2, F3, F4, etc.

    3. In D1 input =B1. Copy the formula down column D

    Now all you have to do is input the unique video id into column B and your embed code will be generated. Saves a little bit of time and work!

    Cheers 🙂

  6. Dear Matthew,

    Nice video's! Verry usefull and a clear way of understanding. However, are your bookmarks and directories etc. usefull for me? I ask this because I have to linkbuild for Dutch websites. What is the strategy in that case? Should I only pitch for dutch portals etc. for Tier 1 and overall by Tier 2 and 3?

    I am realy looking forward for an answer!