– This is the second video of my Ultimate Guide To Tiered Link Building video tutorial series.

In this video you will learn how to create the perfect tier 1 backlink profile. How to prepare for the campaign. How to spin content the right way with my advanced tips and how to setup and schedule the entire campaign.

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Partial Transcript (full transcript on the blog)

Hi guys this is Matthew Woodward and welcome to the second part of my ultimate guide to tiered link building.

I would like to say thanks for all the great feedback on the first video so far it took 8 hours to make so it’s great to see it’s been well received by everyone. But don’t be scared to share it with others.

In this video you’re going to learn

How to create the perfect tier 1 link profile
How to prepare everything you will need for the campaign
How to spin the content the right way, and I’ve got some crazy stuff for you on this topic.
How to setup a campaign over my shoulder
And most importantly how to schedule it all so you can be doing something else.

I just wanted to recap on exactly what makes a good tier 1 link. I know we covered this in the last video so I’ll make it very quick.

It should be high quality, contextual and surrounded by relevant content that makes sense. Ideally these links will be built on domains that Google already trusts and carry a low risk of been deleted or removed in the future.

In the last video I said having the ability to remove a tier 1 link is optional, but I really can’t stress enough how important is it to be able to remove links from your tier 1 at will. I’m sure some of you watching this have kicked themselves in the past for not having that level of control.

You also need to have the ability to get the exact location of the link as we will need this to build the lower tiers.

And let’s quickly recap on examples of good tier 1 links. You can use hand built web 2.0 sites which I will make a separate video for. You can also use things like press releases, wikis, article directories, social bookmarks, web directories, blog posts and videos.

The entire tiered linking process is made up of 3 parts.

First of all we schedule out our first set of tier 1 links over 2 weeks to create a natural link velocity to the site.

Once those links have all been created over that 2 week period we start to build out our tiers in week 3. You might think this is where it will get complicated but setting up the tiers takes less than an hour and they will grow automatically forever, more on that in a future video.

Once you have setup the self growing tiers at the start of week 3 you can then repeat the entire process by building out a new set of tier 1 links. All you have to do is rinse and repeat the process until you hit the top spot.

Before starting any link building campaign I like to map out exactly what I will need and get everything prepared. This makes building the actual campaign very quick and easy.

First of all we need to get some base content for the campaign.
Then we need to spin it and prepare it all properly
And most importantly we need to scrape a list of target sites to post to. This is a very important step that most people don’t bother with but it is critical to your success.

To give you a bit of a head start you can download a sample of my personal list of targets underneath this video on my blog.

Our first tier of links must feature high quality content that makes sense. In total you will need-

3x 500 word articles about your keyword or topic
1x set of social bookmarking titles and descriptions
1x set of web directory titles and descriptions
1x set of related tags and keywords
1x video with titles/descriptions

Sourcing the content couldn’t be easier and it should cost you no more than $25 in total.



  1. Seriously dude your tutorials are flipping phenomenal – they move quickly, are extremely thorough, and tell you basically everything you need to know. Perfection 🙂 I just wish I had seen them earlier as they synthesize everything that I've learned scattered through tons of random blogs posts/forums/etc and more

  2. Does Scrapbox give the ability to scrap the top 10 Page rank WEbsites for each keyword or just it just scrap random Page ranks in the search engine? I want backlinks with high PR!

  3. Hello Matthew
    Thanks for all the insights. 

    You talk of running one keyword in your videos.  Is there an issue with google etc to start 6-10 tier one at the same time? or should each new tier one keyword roll out be two weeks apart. I am presuming also that this is per domain. 

  4. this is deff. black hat, I think if you take te slow road you will not have to optimize anyting in the future. I created a domain to months ago and im on the sixth page, I've done all my link building manually. However I am new to seo so this could be the way to go, but is the sixth page good for a 2month old domain?

  5. +Matthew Woodward in this video you said you would make a separate video on building a hand built "web 2.0" where is it. I been searching for. Thanks for this awesome informative video.