Here I take a look at the latest codex from Games Workshop



  1. Jesus…GW fascists. Its not like you can refer to your review videos as a replacement for buying the codex FFS. Im not going to buy a copy of a book without interrogating it first, either through info posted on gaming sites or reading a store copy. Your reviews are as they should be done.

  2. Just wanna point out. Rapid fire 18 inch plague marines with plasma, rerolling ones to hit ;o. Then theres cultists rapid firing on 18 inch too…. outshooting guardsmen at that range basically.

  3. So no standard terminators or chaos marines with mark of nurgle? Interesting. I get that this is pure death guard but I was hoping that a themed army like the purge might get a fun way mixing some of the new toys in and get the buffs.


    Can anyone please help me if the script for the Death Guard Codex trailer is correct?

    The Fourteenth Son…
    The Death Lord…
    The Angel of Plagues…
    Thus I am named by my loyal sons and my ??? foes.
    My plague fleets set sail for the stars, their hulls swollen with divine purity.
    Hail the God of Pestilence! Hail the Demonic Choirs of the Lord of Decay!
    Hail the Death Guard Legion and its immortal master!
    Hail the coming of Nurgle’s Angel!

  5. Mortarion was studying the sorcery in secret after joining Horus. He was quoit disgusted by this and had mixed feeling but this was like an addiction to him after some time and he devoted as much time as he could to do it. It is form some Heresy book, I don't remember which one.

  6. why you have already the codex ? it is not out now.why every goof on youtube become the precopy codex ? it is not fair to all the other people they wait for it.

  7. I just had a game versus this guys. Typhus is amazing, pox walkers are amazing, plague drone is great. The psychic powers are good, the flails are great, and the "Disgustingly resilient" is OP.

  8. I really like what we have seen so far of DG. Especially the elite character choices like Blightbringer etc. Feels different with so many smaller support characters. Although not holding much hope, would love similar for my legion, 1k Sons.

  9. Thanks for the review.
    Seems like a decent book.

    Love the new models.
    Really tempted to start a Nurgle army.

    I had a couple of Plague Marines at some point.
    Nothing is more fun to paint.
    Basically, you just need to make a mess and it looks great xD