7 Tips to Improve Google Adwords Clicks by http://DigitalMarketer.com
Want to improve your Google Adwords clicks? It’s not easy… You’ll need to apply the same copywriting principles you would when writing a 3,000 word sales letter in the space of a matchbook.
Here are 7 out of 12 helpful tips to improve your Google Adwords clicks.

1:08 – 1 — Use Specific Numbers

1:33 – 2 — Use funky characters

1:53 – 3 — Use a Call-to-Action

2:08 – 4 — Include the Benefit

2:36 – 5 — Include a Phone Number and Address

2:49 – 6 — Tell a story

3:02 – 7 — Remove risk

Remember if you want to see all 12 of our Google tips be sure to visit our article at http://www.digitalmarketer.com/get-more-clicks-from-google-adwords/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=organic&utm_content=7tipstoimprovegoogleadwordsclicks&utm_campaign=youtubeorganic

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7 Tips to Improve Your Google Adwords Clicks:



  1. Nice tips. Thanks for sharing. I'm working on an web page for an online contest using an iconic superstar in India to drive participation & hence need to be in the top 3 search results in Google. Will share our learning shortly.

  2. Im not really sure using odd symbol is a good idea i would more go for an epurate look ! always make it easy to read and fast you would also want to look true, the more number there his behind the main title the less attractive it looks !