– This video is the first in a two part series covering typical AdWords mistakes that cause companies tens of thousands of dollars a year (sometimes more).

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  1. Great video with some useful inforrmation for sure.  Beginners need to clearly understand broad match vs. modified broad.  'Nike Running Shoes' (as a broad match / no quotes / no brackets) can also grab things like 'Niking hiking boots' or worse.  Hopefully 'modified broad match' will make it into another video.

  2. Quick correction… When you are talking about match types you were incorrect on the number of match types and how broad match keywords work. Firstly, there are four match types; broad, broad match modified, phrase and exact. Secondly, broad match keywords will prompt your ad to enter an auction if any one of the words within your keyword selection match a search term, so with your example of nike running shoes, you ad could appear for anything with running in the search term. Broad match modified will only appear if all three words appeared in the search term. Also Google will try to find you addition leads based on what the system believes may be misspellings related to your keyword selection, in which case you will see the term "close variant" next to this when viewing the search terms report.

  3. Very insightful. When we first started we ran through thousands of dollars on broad matches with little conversion. Since we honed everything down to exact match only, our CTR has skyrocketed to over 15%. I'm skeptical of using any type of match queries except for the exact matches. Break everything down into adgroups, get overzealous with it. 30 keywords tops for each adgroup. It doesn't have to be a different product. If you sell Biker T-shirts and Religious T-shirts and Political T-shirts, they're all t-shirts, but each should have their own adgroup. Relevance is KEY in search marketing. Google is a great system if you use it correctly. Great video!

  4. These instructions on youtube to platforms really should be updated as regularly as the platforms themselves, the names of the options are not the same anymore and the matched search, broad match and phrase match I don't see either, so it would be nice to know the new way to access what you are describing. So frustrating with outdated instructions. Your Kissmetrics and if there is an updated video this one should link to the update.