Who else wants to make $2000 a month from home? I read somewhere that in some circles and forums, the $2000 a month mark is considered the GATEAWAY to bigger and better things and usually gives people the confidence that they CAN (and should) quit their day jobs to pursue their passion from home or online.

Want the BAD news first?

LESS than 1 out of every 100 people will make this sort of money online, or from home….EVER. As a matter of fact, sadly, most people will actually lose money in buying different home study courses, or guru products, or simply investing in silly strategies that in your heart or hearts….you KNOW are destined to fail.

The truth is it’s NOT your fault. The home based entrepreneurial culture has promised FAR more than it’s provided and the guilty ones are almost ALWAYS the promoters, the hucksters and the gurus who market them.

The GOOD news?

I’m going to give you 2 very simple strategies that not only can help you make $500 a week, starting right now….but you can actually do FAR better, and build the foundation for a true home based business in the process.

Even better? BOTH incorporate skills you already have mastered, and don’t require ANY investment at all if you don’t choose to.

The strategy?

Creating content for cash. And when I refer to content….I’m talking specifically about articles like the one you are reading right now. (of course, it can be in ANY niche, topic, industry or area you choose)

The 2 SPECIFIC ways to turn the act of creating articles into perpetual piles of profit without any investment?

Articles for affiliate income: This is where I got my start, and all you need to do is write the content, (best in niche markets) and direct your visitor to a root level re-direction, which forwards to the affiliate program of your choice. (with your cookie, obviously) Making $75 a day using this approach is tantamount, if you pick your market properly, to ONE sale per day…and that’s super simple, even if you’re just getting started.

Strategy #2: Sell your content! Write for others. There is a HUGE marketplace of marketers who are constantly looking for content…and if you write at a high school level or above, you can literally make $40 to $100 dollars an hour creating all kinds of content – articles, press releases, link bait, blog posts, social media submissions, and more.

The bottom line?

Content IS king…and if you focus on creating it, you’ll live like one, I promise! (And while there are advanced strategies to “super charge” this strategy, you don’t really need them, especially if you just want to START earning real cash today)

Source by Ernie J. Gentile