In Episode #15 Eric and Neil talk about link building. When you want to up your rating on Google, you need to have strong links to sites with a good standing. Build relationships with sites similar to your industry, and put in the effort to get your links out there. Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:25 – What is link building? 00:40 – Google and the value of links 01:05 – You get to the top ranking on Google by having strong content and links 01:30 – Not all links are created equal 01:45 – Google can discern the authority of your links 02:00 – How to build great links 02:10 – pulls up links on your competitors’ sites and ranks those links based on domain authority 02:30 – It’s like a richter scale 02:45 – You want a domain authority of 60 or higher 03:00 – Hit up those sites and ask if they would be willing to link to your content 03:35 – Email relevant sites to get them to link to you 04:00 – Tools like and PersistIQ will send emails out for you 04:30 – Don’t automate the process too much 04:45 – Guest posting is another way to get great links 04:55 – Look for sites that are relevant to you 05:20 – Make everything easy for the site you are reaching out to 05:40 – Link building should start with building a relationship 06:15 – Guest post to drive customers and help your brand 06:50 – Using broken links from sites that go down every day 07:20 – Google “broken link checker” 07:30 – Find broken links in your industry 07:40 – Put your URL into and make a better version of the original site 08:05 – Email the sites linking to that dead page, and offer your new content 08:25 – 20 to 30% success rate with broken links 09:10 – Roundup building 09:25 – Create a roundup for your niche, and people will reach out to you 09:55 – Subscribe to learn more marketing tactics! 3 Key Points: Link to quality sites that are related to your industry. Make the process easy for the site you are reaching out to. Look at building links as a byproduct of building relationships. Resources Mentioned: – Helps you find sites where you can link your content and PersistIQ – Tools to send out automated emails Leave some feedback: What should we talk about next? Please let us know in the comments below. Did you enjoy this episode? If so, please leave a short review. Connect with us: Quick Sprout Growth Everywhere Single Grain Twitter @neilpatel Twitter @ericosiu



  1. Episode 15 Show Notes📝 :

    Think of Links as votes of confidence. A Vote from the president is better than a vote from a 5 year-old [Click "Read More" 👇]

    1. Link Building Process #1 from Neil:
    Ahrefs → insert competitor url → Sort Links based on Domain Authority → Contact each site with DA >60 manually and let them know about you're website. Use this script:

    “Hey XYZ,
    I noticed you link to ABC Website. I also wanted to let you know about our website. We offer this, that, and the other that the competition doesn't offer. I think your users will love it. Feel free to check it out. If you wand to link to it great. If not no worries. Keep up the great work and I love your site either way. Cheers, Neil”

    Expected Results: For every 100 emails you send to relevant sites expect 3-7 links back. The key is to personalize each email outreach so that you don't look like a robot.

    A good Domain Authority benchmark is 60.

    2. Link Building by Guest Posting
    Reach out to relevant sites that allow guest posting and say “Hey, What do you think about this topic”
    -Think about this as relationship building not link building.
    DO NOT: use this tactic to manipulate google. you will get slapped with a penalty. Instead focus on driving sign-ups.

    3. Fix Broken Links for massive backlink ROI
    Broken Link Checker → Ahrefs → ( to see what the page used to look like → Make a better article → Email sites that are linking to dead articles and use this script:

    “Hey I noticed you link to XYZ. Not sure you know but that page no longer exists so you're sending users to a dead link. Luckily I built a better article that also includes ABC. Feel Free to link to it if you want. I think it will benefit your readers and it's much better to link to something that works vs. something that is broke. Cheers, Neil”
    → Be sure to include the link

    Expected Results: For every 100 emails you send to relevant sites expect 20-30 links back! The key is to personalize each email outreach so that you don't look like a robot.

    Suggested resources🎓: or PersistIQ, Ahrefs, Backlink checker,

    Big 🙌 to Eric Siu and Neil Patel for a great show.

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  2. We use PersistIQ at Page One Power for new business development. Our link builders in the production department use Buzz Stream. Love that email outreach tool. Keeping that personal touch on each message is key. One to One communication is essential for building long lasting relationships.